Monday, August 27, 2012

On my mind

Hi, friends.

Job hunting, interviews, a new internship at Pasadena Magazine (you may see a post or two on their blog by me!), and generally working on getting my life in order have kept me pretty busy lately.

So, here are a few things occupying my free minutes and brainspace. Is that a word? It should be.

1. Letters of Note. I may have blogged this one before. I can't remember, but in any case, it deserves another look. Sweet, silly, sincere, sometimes startling and even a bit sharp, you can take a peek at the correspondences of such famous names as E. B. White and Lorne Michaels. This is one of my all-time favorites, and this.

2. Marcel the Shell. Around for years, my roommate and I recently rediscovered the video and have been spending roughly 60% of our time imitating the voice and quoting the video, to the delight of our other roommates. We also may have gotten a stuffed dog and named him Alan. We're a lot of fun to live with. (Check out this adorable interview with Marcel's creator, too!)

3. T-Swift. A love I have yet to outgrow, I can't pretend to see a lot of musical value in her newest single, but it is absurdly, ridiculously, out-of-this-world catchy. An anthem for our times. Or, maybe the times of vaguely angsty but mostly upbeat high school freshman girls. Either way, really.

I'll be back later with some pictures from my time in Italy this summer; I hope everyone is having a lovely Monday!

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