Tuesday, August 14, 2012


One of the most amazing things about Ireland is how green everything is. I kind of felt like I had stepped into the Emerald City for a few days, only without the wizard and Toto (bummer). But, in order to get everything so green, apparently a lot of rain is needed. Like, a lot. Which is great, unless you're from Southern California and already a little scathed from the lack of sunshine in London. It turns out that weathering the weather is not one of my strong points. Oops. 

But, weather woes aside, Ireland is a stunningly beautiful country, with a lot of fascinating history and sights to be seen. We took a walking tour with an absolutely hilarious guide, wandered about in the rain, ate the best french fries ever (MALONE'S!), listened to Irish music in pubs, took a tour of the old Jameson Distillery, celebrated Jessica's 22nd birthday, and, one of my favorite parts of the entire trip, went to the Cliffs of Moher and through the Irish countryside. Hands down, one of the most beautiful, arresting sights I've ever seen.

Feel free to browse the pictures, if you're interested! 

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