Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How to write

I take on the accents of people I talk to. When I realize I'm doing it, I'm mortified that they'll think I'm mocking them, but it's a totally subconscious instinct.

I do the same thing with speech patterns and, as follows, writing patterns. I notice myself thinking in the same patterns the author of the book I'm reading writes in. I often have a novel-esque narrative going in my head, which really annoys me, because I've never, never seen myself as a creative writer (except the Pulitzer-worthy books I wrote from ages 5-10), and I often don't even like the novel my mind subconsciously scribbles.

All this to say that, I read a lot of blogs I really love. And start to feel like I know the authors and, when writing my own blog, wonder if those authors would ever write like I do. Or if my subject is really appropriate for the blogosphere, or if it's in the right format.

Part of this, I think, can be constructive, in learning from what others do right and emulating it. But, part of it can be really destructive as it leads to me second guessing my own thoughts and voice by wondering if it fits into my concept of what my blog "should" be.

I'm sorry for this. One of my very favorite blog authors, Joanna, advises writing as if you're talking to a friend. So, that's the plan from here on out--you are my friends (literally, at this point...I'm fairly certain anyone reading this right now is someone I've spent a great deal of personal time with), and I want to use this blog to practice developing my own voice, directed towards people I care about, rather than a nameless, faceless audience.

That's all I've got, for today. Soon, I'll share photos and stories as my beautiful new house in LA comes together! Goodnight, friends.

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