Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Germany is a country I fell in love with while at Oktoberfest last year, and Berlin cemented that love affair. Although completely different from Munich, it is (almost) equally enjoyable. Berlin exchanges Munich's Bavarian cheerfulness and love of giant beers for a cutting-edge, industrial big city vibe and layers upon layers of history. I was fascinated by Hitler's bunker, the Holocaust memorial and museum, German National History Museum, and the Berlin Wall -- we saw two of the three still standing sections, and I was totally overwhelmed by how beautiful and affecting the murals are on the Berliner Mauer section. 

Of course, we also made time to visit a beer garden, a lovely little riverside bar on a makeshift beach, a pretty, flowery garden around Potsdam, nightclubs that confirmed Berlin's reputation for insane nightlife, and eavesdropped on a beautiful concert outside a historic building by lingering over drinks at a nearby cafe. 

Here's just a quick sampling of pictures :)

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