Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cappellini with cherry tomatoes

Made with love!

There is not a lot I love more than really good pasta. I have pretty high standards when it comes to what qualifies as really good pasta since my pickiness has led me to reeeeally focus in on the foods that I do love. And I got pretty snobby about my pasta while living in Italy since I ate it at least once a day (jk I still do that).

Contradictorily, this doesn't stop me from chowing down on some standard spaghetti with Ragu, but I do irrationally resent it a little bit. So my solution, when I choose to take the extra few minutes, is to make a simple olive oil, garlic, basil, and cherry tomato sauce over cappellini. Adding some parmesan doesn't hurt, either (does it ever?), and using fresh tomatoes actually makes a big difference vs. canned sauce, try as I might to deny it. I base it loosely off this recipe since it makes me feel fancy (it doesn't take much). But I substitute normal basil and garlic for lemon basil and garlic chives because I'm not totally convinced those are real things (which I guess negates the fanciness). It's pretty easy to eyeball, though, and is perfect with some white wine for a summer dinner.

This is not pasta. But it is a lovely Insta stolen from Kenda that illustrates what dinners in our backyard are like (beer is a staple, obviously). 

Alternatively, I never grow tired of a simple pasta (preferably orecchiette) with butter, parmesan, black pepper, and red chili flakes. What's your go-to for a quick and tasty dinner?

Monday, April 1, 2013


My dream of sleeping in a lighthouse began last Spring Break (back when I still had Spring Break...I miss you, college), and although I ended up in a yurt instead of a lighthouse--totally worth it--I haven't given up on the idea. My sweet parents are letting my brother and me join them for a week when they go to Ireland this summer, and we've finally started making our first attempts at planning. By which I mean my mom has been flipping through Rick Steves' guide to Ireland while I google things like "castles where I can sleep in Ireland" and "can I stay overnight in a lighthouse on the Dingle Peninsula". So we still have a couple details to work out, but it's going well so far.

Disappointingly, the only lighthouse where you can actually stay in Ireland is 100% booked for July (apparently this is a more popular thing than I realized?) but there are a few lighthouse keeper houses available, which sounds almost as cool.

How fun would it be to stay right on the edge of a dramatic Irish cliff, surrounded by greenery?

Would you want to stay in (or near) a lighthouse? Imagine how fun it would be to explore the seaside by day and cozy up by a fire at night, listening to the waves crash on the cliffs just outside!