Friday, April 13, 2012

Rain, rain, go away. Seriously.

Hello, friends.

It's been very rainy in SLO for a very long time. By which I mean Tuesday-Thursday. When it comes to rain, I qualify a long time as anywhere over about 20 minutes (unless it's nighttime when it feels cozy rather than dreary), so this week has felt interminable.

I've heard that some people like rain. Why is that? I think that in theory, I could like it, if I could convince myself to be cheerful without sunshine. But I have to work very, very hard to be in a good mood when the sky is a steady shade of slate.

If anyone else has been barraged by stormy weather or just general blues lately, I suggest this website. Just trust me. Unless you hate baby animals. Then maybe try something else.

Sidenote: did anyone else follow Knut's story? In short, he was a baby polar bear rejected by his mother and raised by a German man for a zoo in Germany. Maybe the cutest, sweetest little guy I've ever seen (the bear, not the man). Anyway, apparently he has a half-sister named Anori (above)! If she's not enough to satisfy your cuddly-baby-bear cravings (everyone has those, right?), there's a whole movie about Knut you can rent. You, know if you're into that. Not that I've seen it (I have. It's really good.).

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