Saturday, April 7, 2012

Las Vegas

I have a habit of wanting to do as much as possible at all times. Which is maybe not supported by the fact that I spent today alternately watching Friends DVDs and reading The Hunger Games, but hey, I am a highly multifaceted being. Anyway. My Spring Break is evidence of my determination to do everything at once, or at least go everywhere I can in however much time I'm allotted (which fits in nicely with my plan to visit 7-9 cities in one month across Europe this summer. More on that later).

So, when presented with just over a week off from school, my itinerary looked roughly like this: Big Sur, SLO for St. Patrick's Day, LA to visit my best friend of 14 years, home for a night to reunite with my roommates from Italy, Vegas with my parents, then home for my last 2 nights off. My Vegas trip was unlike any sin city venture I've taken on before, but delightfully so.

One of my favorite parts was hiking/driving through Red Rock Canyon. About 20 or 30 minutes outside of town, this national park is filled with huge, breathtaking, well, red rocks. The name is pretty accurate.

Holding up the rocks. You're welcome, Nevada. 

Goofy family portrait.

My parents are both math teachers. Without planning, they both wore silly math shirts their students have gotten for them over the years. Hers says "Get Real" with an equation, while his proclaims "Irrational but Well-Rounded" with pi. Math jokes'll getcha every time. 

Cool two-toned rocks. 

Some views of less-red rocks. I'm not usually a huge fan of desert landscapes, but this was definitely an exception. 

That night, we went to see Cirque du Soleil's "O" at the Bellagio. We wandered through the Conservatory before, which I always love. I especially liked it all decked out for spring with tulips (one of my favorite flowers!).

Check out the swan in the background! 

Loved the huge bees up top. I'm always amazed by what they can put together with just plant life. 

After "O" (which I loved), we watched the Bellagio fountain show; hands down one of the best free shows on the Strip. 

I generally have mixed feelings towards Vegas as a whole, but spending a couple days there lounging by the pool, barbecuing at night, and taking advantage of the lovely weather and a happy mixture of standard Vegas activities with the less typical made for a relaxing few days in the desert.

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  1. Beautiful photos! I'm a hardcore multi-tasker, too. I read books while I'm walking on the treadmill, eat lunch while I'm blogging and try to edit and write fiction simultaneously (totally doesn't work...I always have to edit it again anyway). Looks like you had an awesome vacation!

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.