Friday, September 7, 2012


Happy Friday, friends! This week seemed to go by both quickly and productively, a beautifully unheard of combination, and I can't think of any better way to top it off than with pictures from one of my very favorite places in the world: Florence, Italy. If you've read pretty much even one other post from this little blog, you know I lived there last Fall, and you know I want nothing more in life than to go back and never leave. I was lucky enough to return for the third summer in a row this July, and I spent my all too brief time eating monumental amounts of pizza and pasta, relaxing and reading in my favorite little park near my old apartment, picnicking on the best baguettes and cheese from the Mercato Centrale in Boboli Gardens, perusing the San Lorenzo leather market, wine tasting with my favorite panino and vino expert, Pino, and staring at the Ponte Vecchio like it held the answer to life's meaning (which I'm still convinced it might). 

Oh, and we made a quick detour to the Tower before our flight out of Pisa! The area around Pisa, I was surprised to find the first time I went, is actually surrounded by stunningly green expanses of grass and gorgeous architecture. Although the area directly in front of the tower is amusingly crowded with scores of tourists alternately holding it up and kicking it down (you can't come without doing that too), the fields around it provide a lovely space for relaxing with a book, a picnic, or just taking a nap. 

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