Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bedroom makeover (bit by bit)

As I've mentioned, carrying through on crafting projects is not my strong point. Luckily, my mom is the champion of getting things done, so when she offered to come help me paint my room, I jumped at the chance (in large part because I knew there was a high likelihood of me ending up with half-painted walls and cans of paint everywhere if I attempted it on my own). So after slapping a coat of blue paint (that took at least an hour of emotionally charged hemming and hawing in Home Depot to choose -- Costa Rica Blue by Behr was the final selection), I wanted to finally get some decorations up on the walls. While at the Melrose flea market a couple weeks ago I saw this creation: 

Cute and simple enough that I had a shot at actually making it. When I went to visit my parents this weekend, my mom happened to have a couple old frames and chicken wire on hand, so I got started on this little project. 


I still firmly believe that there's nothing my mom can't do. 

Cutting the wire to size. 

One more reason to love my mom? "Should we use an electric stapler? Oh this one's not working right...good thing I have like 5!" Who has 5 electric staplers?! Heroes. Like my mom. 

Once I got the freshly wired frames home, I was on my own. I spent a long time googling how to make a paint job look vintage, and discovered that you can use any number of materials, including soap, candles, and Vaseline. Unfortunately, I had none of these, so I improvised. 

Finished product! Using nothing but paint and sandpaper.

Hanging on my new blue wall. I want to add some black and white pictures at some point, but for now they're a good home for a few of the postcards I've collected on my most recent trips through Europe. 

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