Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Paris, part 1

Hello again, friends!

I'm back to share some photos of one of my new very favorite cities in the world: Paris. Because I loved it so much, I'm sharing the city in a couple different posts to split up the 32982 different views of the Eiffel Tower many artistic photos with which I captured the city. Sometimes you have to just embrace being a tourist.

The first thing I thought when we got to Paris was "I want to live here." I know, I know, who doesn't? But I instantly knew it was a city I wanted to get to know better than was possible in the five days we had planned to stay. Do you know that feeling, when there are a million things to see, and you just want time to relax and soak a place in? I'm still hoping I get a longer time to enjoy Paris in the future, but we definitely crammed in as much as possible while we were there.

A few favorites from the first part include: reading and writing in Luxembourg Gardens, seeing the Eiffel Tower twinkle for the first time, a walking tour with a hilarious English guide, stumbling upon the beginning of the Tour de France parade, eating crepes and pain au chocolat every day, perusing the little shops along the Seine to pick up interesting postcards (always my favorite souvenirs), and, of course, climbing up the Eiffel Tower for incomparable views of the city.

Our first day, we couldn't check into our hostel until 4, so we headed to nearby Luxembourg Gardens to read and relax. Can you believe Parisians get to hang out here all the time? 

With my minimal photography skills, it turns out it's practically impossible to capture a good picture of the tower twinkling, but it's just as beautiful simply lit up. 

Our hilariously sarcastic guide told us that these heads are actually based on the king's drunken friends after a night of raucous partying. Kind of like Facebook before the digital age? 

How does the water get that green?!

The dancers on the Tour de France parade floats were hilarious.

How does one city manage to enchant so many people? I felt like such a cliche for being so blown away by it, but it really is a city unlike any other. But, I also have friends who have gone and been pretty unimpressed by it. Have you been to Paris? Do you think it lives up to the hype?

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  1. Hi, I randomly found your blog because I'm studying abroad in Florence this summer. Just wondering, but where do you find the walking tours? I saw that you've been on a few, are they free? Thanks in advance if you answer, and super jealous of your amazing job!!!! :)