Friday, May 25, 2012

Back again :)

Hello, loves!

Sorry for the unexpected, unscheduled hiatus. There has been a lot going on over here the past few weeks, and blogging somehow just fell by the wayside.

But, I am back! Or at least, I'm trying to be.

As I mentioned, there have been quite a few recent events. I went to STAGECOACH! I took my senior pictures with a super talented, lovely lady in my sorority. I also had my last Theta formal -- such a weird feeling! My best friend from home (who I'm moving to LA with in August! Yay!) came to visit SLO for the first time. My parents came up and spent a night in Morro Bay at the cutest little hotel. I had my first big-girl, post-grad job interview. I finished planning my trip to Europe with another of my best friends. And now it's Memorial Day weekend!

Pictures will be to follow on (almost) all of the above mentioned events. Til then, I hope everyone has a beautiful, sun-filled long weekend!

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