Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I am a notoriously picky eater (yes, another understatement). However, this means that picnics are perfect for me. So this past weekend I headed to Lake Anza in Tilden Park on a sunny, albeit chilly, day.

The perfect picnic fare, as far as I'm concerned, centers around cheese -- preferably Brie, although I've fallen hard for Irish Dubliner cheese lately as well. When you only eat about five things, it's important to be truly passionate about those categories.

I probably could and would eat this whole wheel if given half a chance.

Pair the cheese with some delicious, flaky, buttery crackers like Trader Joe's Social Snackers. They are possibly one of the most addictive snack foods ever. Add some grapes, focaccia bread, chocolate to top it off, and a refreshing beverage, and you have a recipe for the perfect summer meal.

The perfect picnic beverage.

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