Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mother's Day


I am not usually very crafty (understatement? Perhaps). But the one thing I do pride myself on is my homemade cards. To a person who actually does artsy things, they don't look like much, but to me, and anyone who knows me, they are a triumph. So since I'm not going home for Mother's Day, I decided to at least surprise my amazing mom with a handmade card (which apparently most people stopped doing around the 3rd grade. Who knew?).

I went to a craft store downtown and got bright yellow paper with embossed flowers, light green vellum, and a green ribbed ribbon (which sounds funny now that I write it).


I proceeded to use fabric tape to secure the green paper inside the card (having discovered I was out of glue sticks after getting home) and cut out hearts to stick inside as well.


Then I tied a ribbon around the outside (harder than it looks. Don't laugh) and pasted another contrasting heart on the back. Looking at it now (after it's sealed in the envelope, of course), it occurs to me I should have actually put something on it referring to Mother's Day. Well, she'll just have to figure it out. Luckily, she doesn't read this blog (like most of the rest of the world. But I sure do appreciate Kenda and Kyle!), so this won't ruin the (very small) surprise. 

On a side note, any kind of crafting always reminds me of big little week, which I now remember as only a blur of puffy paint and rhinestones. 


But I won't lie, I was pretty proud of how her baskets turned out. Mainly because I included lots of baked goods (in puffy painted tupperware, obviously), which is where I really shine. If only I could have mailed my mom a homemade chocolate cake with Cool Whip. 

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