Friday, February 8, 2013

San Diego

Hi, buddy!
In addition to traveling out of state and country as much as possible, I've been trying to acclimate to and explore the Southern California area I actually live in a bit as well. By which I mean I go to San Diego like every other weekend and pretend that I really live there.

Between Christmas and New Years, a few of my best friends from high school gathered in SD together at Fiona's apartment downtown. This was my first introduction to Gaslamp post being at first drink. Is that appropriate to say? 

We feel seriously about San Diaaago. 

On my next trip in early January, I met up with my parents for the weekend, who were there for the math meetings (it's a real thing). Since their hotel was conveniently about a block from aforementioned Fiona's, we also met up and, along with Gaslamp bars take two, checked out the farmers market in Little Italy after some morning yoga at Lululemon (it's free!!?). As a longtime lover of all things Italian and free cheese and bread samples (which we took every opportunity to shamelessly devour before skulking away), I was similarly smitten. 

Then my mom and I headed over to the San Diego Zoo, the real highlight of the weekend (/my life)! 

I made some new friends, including this friendly fellow. 

And these nuzzling zebra lovers!

That night, after dinner at Neighborhood in downtown SD, I went out in Pacific Beach for the first time with Fiona.

The next morning dawned bright and early (by which I mean my mom faced the challenge of getting me out of bed around 8 am for the zoo part 2 after I had stumbled back to the hotel a few hours earlier. Oops.). On our second zoo trip, we started by taking the airway tram (I have no idea what it's really called) for some gorgeous views of the city and zoo below us. I'm a huge sucker for any form of faux-flying, so I was all over it. 

Hangin out with my favorite lady and animal! (Mom, and elephant. If you were unclear.)

 Aaaand most recently, I spent the last weekend beer tasting around San Diego breweries (Stone, Ballast Point, and Green Flash) with a big group of friends, including Kaley, one of my closest friends from SLO. This is at the first brewery (Stone), which was set in a beautiful garden. 

 We also got a tour of how the beer's made at Ballast Point with the whole group, which required some super snazzy safety goggles. I can't say I wasn't into them. 

Suffice to say, after hanging out in Little Italy, at the zoo, multiple breweries, delicious restaurants, and a variety of nightlife, I'm even more into San Diego than ever before. 

Stay tuned for updates on my actual city of residence with some fab roommates, including my best friend from, well, forever, Kenda (check out her amazing blog here!).

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