Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hello from Dublin!

Hello, friends!

Blogging has been pretty difficult lately with the whirlwind of moving out of SLO/going to Vegas/getting ready for Europe, but I am finally across the pond! We started in London and are now in Dublin... Both of which, it turns out, are cold. And cloudy. And rainy. BUT they are also both full of beautiful sights and tons of history and while I'm excited to (hopefully) see the sun soon, I'm trying to work around the jet lag and lack of sleep that comes with hostels to enjoy everything I can about these cities.

I've been taking most of my pictures on my actual camera rather than phone, so I can't share much til I get home, but I'll post a few as I can.

So far we've spent time in museums, seen Jersey Boys in London's West End, to Stonehenge, toured the old Jameson Distillery, and so much more. The days are packed, which is unsurprising given my inability to understand how many hours are actually in the day, but I'm hoping at some point we'll find the time to relax a little. Tomorrow we're going on a tour to the Cliffs of Moher and I can't wait to see some other parts of Ireland!

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