Sunday, October 16, 2011


Word to the wise: if the weather forecast is for the 60s, and you question if you should bring a heavy coat but decide against it because you figure it probably will actually be warmer and you won't want to carry said coat around, think again. It will probably actually feel considerably colder due to unceasing and frigid wind, and there may be nothing you want more in the world than a heavy coat. Or a poncho. Or a Snuggie.

But, there is a bright side! This hypothetical situation actually happened to me (did you guess?) and it was at a chocolate festival. Being the person that I am, I can never stay too sad when surrounded by delicious, artisanal chocolates, even when faced with wind, my greatest nemesis.

Gorgeous views all around the festival

All this is to say that, overall, our day trip to the Perugia Chocolate Festival yesterday was a success. We navigated the train systems successfully (though barely), thus avoiding paying almost twice as much for a pre-planned tour and gaining freedom to get there and leave when we wanted. Basically, the festival consisted of an adorable town being overrun by chocolate vendors from all over Europe peddling a massive array of mouthwatering treats. I had a cup of what I hoped would be hot chocolate (the drink) and actually turned out to be more like hot chocolate pudding (still delicious), tried a chocolate kebab, had chocolate cake drizzled in hot chocolate sauce, some kind of chocolate granola bar they gave out for free, and probably far too many other plain milk chocolate varieties.

Just a glimpse of how many people were crowding the streets

Never happier than when I'm in a tent full of homemade chocolate

Fly away to chocolate planet?

Chocolate tents were everywhere, and at one end of the festival there was a giant display of a Lindt bear with a huge line leading up to it. With no idea what people were waiting in line for, of course we decided to join. Unfortunately, we never figured out exactly what we were waiting for, but I'm assuming it was to win something as we had to pick out a red ball from a container and open it to see if there was anything in it. All of ours were empty, so we only came away with pictures with the giant bear and tiny chocolate Lindt bears of our own (delectable), but at least we tried!

I'm not sure there's anything that could make me happier than to actually BE a bear made of chocolate

My tiny bear with the very BIG bear

Today, I leave on my week-long adventure with my mom through France and Switzerland! I can't wait to see the French countryside and go paragliding in the French Alps, and am anxiously awaiting my mom's (hopefully) imminent arrival.

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