Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pizza chef

On Monday night, we had a pizza making class with a chef at the restaurant Il Teatro! It was SO much fun and I'm pretty sure I've found my new calling in life. The dough and sauce were already made of course, but we were taught to shape the dough and then covered it with whatever toppings we wanted (four cheese, obviously). Also, I think the chef hat is pretty attractive.

Taking the pizza out of the (very hot) wood burning oven.

Finished product!

We also finally made it to the San Lorenzo leather market this weekend! So far all I've bought is the belt I'm holding in the picture, but I'm definitely planning what else I want to be sure to get before I leave. Knowing me, I may have to narrow the list down a bit.

New belt and roomies with their new messenger bags. 

I've also been feeling sick off and on since I've been here, so I'm trying to get extra sleep but it's difficult with so much going on all the time. But with the weekend coming up hopefully I can fight it off quickly!

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