Monday, April 4, 2011

Dessert disappointment

So the cookie dough brownies did not live up to the hype. Maybe I was too excited, maybe we didn't get the ratio of cookie dough to brownie quite right, or maybe the recipe was simply not as good as it looked (I don't like to fault my own baking skills; much better to blame a faulty recipe). However, the fact remains, my freezer is now full of a pan of would-be delicious brownies smothered in an overly sweet cookie dough topping that overwhelms the brownies in a way that simply cannot be ignored.

But, I'm a firm believer that a failure just opens the door for an even greater future success -- or at least it will look better in comparison to the previous flop. So, this is my next plan:

Gooey, warm peanut butter cookie topped with melty chocolate chips and rich vanilla ice cream. I've tried making homemade pizookies before (no BJ's Pizza is one of the biggest downfalls of living in SLO) with little success, but this recipe claims to be foolproof. Now all I need is to get my hands on a ramekin, which apparently is what that little white dish it's baked in is called. I'll be honest, I kind of thought a ramekin was somehow related to a yarmulke before seeing this recipe. Who knew?

In other, non-chocolate related news -- but don't worry, still food -- I had penne alla vodka for dinner tonight for the umpteenth time. Not that I'm complaining, as it's undeniably delicious, but it did make me wonder if perhaps it's time to explore other recipes. Obviously, I don't want to stray from pasta, so my first thought was of this recipe I happened upon a couple weeks ago: pesto and cheese stuffed shells. Although I'm ambivalent about pesto, any combination of pasta stuffed with cheese is a winner with me, so I'm hoping to test out this recipe sometime in the upcoming week. Here's hoping it goes better than the cookie dough brownies!

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